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Mission Statement

Light Space Systems serves the residential, commercial, and institutional markets as a leading producer of a complete range of vinyl and aluminum windows, as well as steel entry and storm doors. Our mission is to excel in serving our customers by continually improving our products, manufacturing technology, quality, and to provide better products and services.

The customer is the focus of everything we do
We are successful only if our customers are successful. We must view the world through our customer's eyes in order to provide better products and services.

Quality products and service
Our priority is to obtain the highest standard of quality in servicing our products.

Continuous improvement of manufacturing technology and services
In order to provide excellent services and to ensure our long-term profitable growth, we must continually train our employees, improve our existing products, seek new and innovative ideas, and be cost effective in all our endeavors.

We must always remember our commitment to conduct our business honestly, ethically, fairly, and legally.

Phoenix Light Space Systems
6901 Lynn Way,
Pittsburgh, PA, 15208

Phone (412) 441-2775
Fax (412) 441-9409

"It's A Team Effort"
Corporate Values

1. Spectacular Product Quality - Striving for Zero Defects, Getting it Right the First Time

2. Superior Customer Service - The Reason for Our Very Existence.

3. Exceptional Professional Excellence - A Knowledgeable Team with Quality, Productivity, and Service at its Optimum.

4. Continual Future Development - Aggressively Seeking Out Ideas and Methods For Improvement.


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