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About Phoenix Light Space Systems

Phoenix Light Space Systems, established in 1954, is a Pittsburgh based manufacturer of thermally improved window products. Like many of the window manufacturing companies in existence today, Phoenix Light Space Systems began as a fabricator of exterior applied storm windows and storm door products. As the window industry evolved into the development of windows designed to replace primary windows in existing construction, Phoenix Light Space Systems kept pace. Throughout the late 1970's and continuing through the 1990's, Phoenix Light Space Systems has maintained its presence as a reliable supplier of renovative window products in commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

Light Space Systems operates on a regional basis, with two clearly defined marketing objectives. The first is to provide a direct turnkey service in its home market. That service entails SPECIFICATION ASSISTANCE, BUDGET, FIELD ENGINEERING, MANUFACTURING, INSTALLATION, AND PRODUCT SERVICE. Phoenix Light Space Systems has been quite active in providing these services to general contractors, building owners, and architects. The second objective is to market products through competent window product dealers who service the architectural market in their area. Phoenix Light Space Systems currently has active dealers in North Carolina, West Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Virginia, Kentucky, Maryland, Illinois, Michigan, and Indiana.

Light Space Systems continues to maintain its commitment to product quality and stay in step with an ever-changing industry.

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